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Agnieszka Budzińska-Bennett in Polityka and Tygodnik Powszechny
Add date: Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Today's issues of the Polityka and Tygodnik Powszechny weeklies feature interviews with Agnieszka Budzińska-Bennet, singer and music theorist, who made her debut at the Misteria Paschalia Festival with Ensemble Peregrina on Holy Saturday, presenting her project entitled Crux.

How many spectators come to your concerts? – inquires Dorota Szwarcman in Polityka.

Agnieszka Budzińska-Bennett: We’ve had the largest turnout at the Bern Philharmonic: 4 thousand people (...). Regular concerts sometimes draw as many as 400 spectators. We mostly perform in churches, and rather small ones at that, which naturally limits our possibilities.

DS: Who usually turns up?

AB-B: Not lovers of opera or classical music, that's for sure. Our concerts attract people interested in early music, those with a taste for this special kind of singing, literature aficionados. (...) We have a large religious audience – most of our music is, after all, liturgical – but there is also a lot of people who just enjoy the atmosphere of old churches and like to imagine what sort of music was once played in them. Another interesting group includes lovers of new music, as old and new music have a lot in common: they are less spectacular, less easily accessible.

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